Umbrella Payroll Company Software

We can handle various payroll models, including the most common below. Why not book a Demo today and find out how we can help your payroll company thrive.

The UK’s most powerful payroll processing engine that can handle bulk payroll with ease.

Our unlimited payroll engine can process 100 payslips or 10,000 in seconds without even breaking a sweat.

Process multiple pay models at the same time with one click

  • PAYE

    This model is aimed at Agencies looking for outsourced PAYE services.

  • Umbrella

    This model is aimed Contractors seeking a PAYE solution. Picture an umbrella company as your backstage pass to the world of temporary work, often used by recruitment agencies.

  • CIS

    This model is aimed at Agencies supplying labour services in the construction sector, Construction businesses and self-employed sub-contractors working in the construction industry.

  • Self Employed/ Ltd Co

    This model is aimed at Self-employed contractors working outside the construction sector and not caught by the false self employment legislation.

  • PEO/Joint Employment

    A PEO model is where a business engages with other businesses (End User) and offers an ‘intermediary solution’. It means that the End User can outsource vital HR tasks such as: Payroll management.

Check out our some of our stand-out features

Just a few reasons why NXSYS is changing the Payroll software scene!


The NXSYS App is a game changer, simply a payroll app that works!

With the No1 rated payroll app on the market, we give your workers access to all their data on the move. By keeping your workers informed at each stage of the payroll process through push notifications and real time data, the NXSYS app can drastically reduce incoming calls to your payroll team.

Workers can access and update their data on an app that can be white labelled with your company Branding & logo.

Mobile App Screens
Payroll Dashboard

3 Step Payroll Dashboard

With our streamlined payroll dashboard, we make processing payroll for 1 worker or 1000’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. NXSYS allows you to easily validate your payroll, send automated invoices to your Clients and process payroll via a bank file formatted for any UK Bank.

Client/Agency Portal

The NXSYS Client/Agency portal is a dedicated view that will give your Clients access to a wealth of useful data such as:

  • View worker onboarding progress
  • View all worker data (Address, Payroll, Expenses etc)
  • View and Download historic Timesheets & Invoices/Credit Notes
  • And many other features