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Find out how you can partner with NXSYS and reap the benefits of an Embedded Payroll solution that seamlessly enhances your existing product. NXSYS can offer various benefits that can significantly improve the efficiency, accuracy, and overall management of payroll processes within your organisation

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Embedded SaaS Engine

Are you interested in a fully embedded payroll solution that integrates with your current stack? At NXSYS we can offer a white labelled solution that can be embedded into your current products to give your customers an end to end solution.

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Tailored Payroll to suit any Industry

The NXSYS engine powers payroll for vertical SaaS platforms, workforce management solutions, staffing and EOR platforms and everything in between. With our smart automations, why not add another income stream to your product and let NXSYS take care of the heavy lifting.

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embedded software chip

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

When embedding NXSYS into you current flow, you can customise which features are enabled to suit your product and industry needs. Take advantage of our worker App which can be branded, our automated onboarding flow or our Irish Payroll Engine.


5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating