Payroll Bureau Software

Payroll Bureaus can reap the benefits of NXSYS Payroll which comes complete with all the cutting edge features of Umbrella like a Client Portal, Employee App and Auto Onboarding, but in a slick and efficient PAYE package. It’s never been easier to run multi company payroll in bulk with minimal effort.

The UK’s most powerful payroll processing engine that can handle bulk payroll with ease.

Our unlimited payroll engine can process 100 payslips or 10,000 in seconds without even breaking a sweat.

Check out our some of our stand-out features

Just a few reasons why NXSYS is changing the Payroll software scene!

Payroll Import Mapping

Import Mapping

NXSYS has a unique Import Mapping function allowing you to map and store templates of your import files. This makes time consuming Excel formatting a thing of the past, an makes repeat processing of timesheets a cinch!


The NXSYS App is a game changer, simply a payroll app that works!

With the No1 rated payroll app on the market, we give your workers access to all their data on the move. By keeping your workers informed at each stage of the payroll process through push notifications and real time data, the NXSYS app can drastically reduce incoming calls to your payroll team.

Workers can access and update their data on an app that can be white labelled with your company Branding & logo.

Mobile App Screens

HMRC Integration

NXSYS will regularly check for HMRC coding notices and apply updates automatically, meaning no more manual updates via post.

Our smart automation will create and submit FPS & EPS submissions each relevant period, meaning you stay fully RTI compliant with no fuss.