Standard PAYE

Contractors can either remain employees of the Agency and the payroll is processed under Agency’s Standard PAYE Reference or become employees of the Umbrella and the payroll is processed under Umbrella’s PAYE Reference

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Standard PAYE Workers

Standard PAYE – How it’s processed

Pay Calculation

  • The Contractor’s salary is processed on the entire timesheet earnings

  • The Agency is billed for the ERNI, Employer Pension, Apprentice Levy and a Payroll processing fee

Pay Processing

  • Timesheets are sent by the Agency and imported (or) by the Contractor using their Mobile App or Employee Portal

  • The Agencies are billed automatically. Invoice consolidation and customisation are supported.

  • Payroll is run automatically

  • Bank files are created in the relevant format

  • Payslips are emailed and an App push notification is sent


  • The Agency may Advance the holiday pay in the rate or retain it

  • NMW & LMW rules are applied and protected

  • Statuary Sick, Maternity, Paternity, Adoption payments are calculated and paid out

  • Attachment orders are processed and deducted

  • Student Loan deductions are made

  • FPS/EPS are automatically submitted

  • Pension contributions are automatically submitted (dependant on your pension provider)