Self Employed CIS

Timesheets are sent by the agencies, construction companies or sub-contractors to the Umbrella company. Umbrella bills the agency/construction company and pays the sub-contractor after making appropriate CIS Self Employed and margin deductions.

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CIS Self Employed – How it’s processed

Pay Calculation

  • Umbrella margin deducted from the Timesheet earning

  • CIS Tax deducted at 30% or 20% or 0% depending contractor verification status

  • Additional deductions such as Insurance, PPE cost can be applied as well

Pay Processing

  • Timesheets sent by Agency/Construction company (or) by the sub-contractor using Mobile App or Portal

  • Agency/ Construction company billed automatically. Invoice consolidation and customisation supported

  • Agency Receipts downloaded, auto allocated

  • Self-Bills on behalf of the sub-contractors generated and emailed automatically

  • Bank files created in relevant format

  • Self-Bills emailed and App notification sent


  • Domestic Reverse Charge rule applied on both Sales Invoices and Self-Bills based on settings

  • Sub-contractor’s status tracked, verified and updated automatically (Gross, 20% or 30%)

  • Sub-contractors are reverified automatically after specified number of days

  • CIS300 Returns submitted